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Hafner - Chardonnay Prestige

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Not a lightweight! Full-bodied, strong with fullness and melting!

This white wine was expanded and matured for 3 months in new American oak barrels (barrique). The wonderful aromas are initially apparent on the nose - complex aromas of vanilla and licorice, combined with ripe fruit like dried fruit and honey - even though the wine is dry! Very broad and incredibly dense on the palate! Finely structured and full with a strong character and length!

GOLD MEDAL – International Organic wine award 2017 93 PAR points, evaluation scheme: Award_ChardonnayPrestige2016_93PAR-Points_GOLDMEDAL2017

Histamine: “not detectable” <0.1 mg/l, according to the Federal Viticulture Office, A-7000 Eisenstadt (For people with intolerance, histamine seems to be the main cause of headaches and skin redness after drinking wine. A value below the detection limit should therefore also be this Allow people to consume.)

Country wine, wine country, L-CH16-3/17, Kosher for Passover, mevushal, organic wine, AT-BIO-301

Alcohol content: 14% vol. Sugar content: 1 g/l Acid: 4.7 g/l


Kosher and Kosher (kosher) for Passover!

Manufacturer / Producer: Hafner Wine Trading GmbH, Mönchhof, Austria / Austria

Growing area/region: Neusiedlersee, Austria / Neusiedlersee, Austria

Expansion / Sweetness: white, dry, kosher / white, dry, kosher

Alcohol content: 13% vol. contains sulfites

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